Fun and Unique Wedding Exit Ideas

December 11, 2022

When planning your wedding, many couples think about their end of the night exit. Creative wedding exit ideas can consist of anything from a classic send-off to more unique wedding exit ideas specific to each couple. If you are searching for something special to end your wedding day with, you have come to the right place! Here are some approved wedding exit ideas for the Trillium Venue in Gatlinburg, Tennessee!



Ahhhh bubbles… the whimsical send off. This has quickly become a fun trend we’ve seen at the venue for send off’s. Bubbles can be a super inexpensive option for your grand exit. And as a bonus, super cute in photos! You can either go the route of a bubble machine and line up your guests around it, or give each guest their own bubble wand or even a light up bubble gun. Either way, this creates a fun and easy exit idea that your guests will love!

bubble send off wedding with bride and groom

Ribbon Wands

Ribbon wands are a fun, festive and unique wedding exit idea. What’s great about this idea is that it can be customized to your wedding day and colors. So you can tailor it to fit your wedding day design or you can go with a classic white ribbon, which is timeless. This is an inexpensive send off, which also leaves your guests with a fun keepsake. 

Ribbon wand send off

Private Last Dance

We LOVE a private last dance for the wedding couple to end the night. Something about it is so romantic and sweet. This idea is for the couple who wants to spend the last moments of their wedding day entranced together, dancing to a private last song. We love this trend and hope to see it for years to come.

private last dance with bride and groom

Flower Petal Toss

Timeless! If you are a romantic at heart, you cannot go wrong with incorporating a petal toss into your wedding day. You can easily customize this classic wedding staple to your taste and budget. Imagine white petals for a timeless toss, or deep orange or reds for a fall or winter wedding. Either way you can’t go wrong with this one! 

LED Light Balloons

This is a new trend that is quickly becoming a favorite! These LED light balloons can give a similar illusion to the ever popular sparklers. They are a fun way to light up your exit and make for the best photos! They can come in colors or the classic white/clear balloon lights. What unique wedding exit ideas will they think of next?

LED Balloon - Unique Exits Ideas for Weddings at The Trillium Venue in Tennessee

Fiber Optic Wands

Similar to a glow stick or LED balloon, the fiber optic wands are the newest trend and we are loving it. These are a fantastic alternative to the classic sparkler exit, but the best thing is that you and your guests can take them home with you! These wands create a ‘sparkler-like’ illusion, but are safe and easy for your guests to use! 

Unique Wedding Exit Ideas Sparkler Light Wands

Glow Sticks

Another alternative to sparklers, glow sticks can be a fun way to light up your exit. So often we have couples use glow sticks on the dance floor, and then they can double as your grand send off item. You can go with the skinny glow sticks and give each guest a hand-full, or spend a little more and go with the foam glow sticks or even light sabers. Either way you go, this is a colorful way to end your wedding reception!

lightsaber unique wedding exit idea with bride and groom

Epic Last Dance with Your Guests

Some couples will opt for that private last dance with their spouse, but another idea for those groups that never leave the dance floor is one epic last dance! This can be such a fun way to end the night with all of your guests. Pick your favorite jam and invite everyone to the dance floor for one, last epic moment. 

Which unique wedding exit ideas are your favorite?

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